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Get your essential riser cables ASAP and start making the most of your Bitcoin or Litecoin mining rig. FAST Worldwide shipping – no more waiting weeks for shipments from China! Package Contents / You Will Receive: 1 x “PCIE x16” card with USB 3.0 port and Molex connector; 1 x “PCIE x1” riser with USB 3.0 port; 1 x 54cm USB 3.0 Cable
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Use the proper type of RAM boards for the proper slot, unless you want to pay for new RAM boards or a new motherboard. A mother board that has DDR2 DIMM slots will support DDR2 DIMM chips only. There is no way you can use a DDR3 RAM on a DDR2 motherboard.
I do know that this video graphics card is AGP,and fits in the AGP slot with no compatibility problems interface wise,but I don't know if the motherboard has an automatic feature to set the AGP slot voltage to the correct one for the ATI video card this Gigabyte will work with AGP 4x,and 8x cards.

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